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Our Team

Our practice is based upon collaborative teamwork, respect and exceptional clinical skills. Our motivated and hard working team loves what they do. Through professional development and a strong involvement in education and the medical community we can provide you the best treatments based on extensive research and experience.

Our Sidney Location

Linda Walker

Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapist, Kinesiologist, Owner, UBC Clinical Educator, Biomechanics, Sports Physiotherapy, Nutrition, Vestibular Therapy (Dizziness), IMS (Intramuscular Stimulation) Chronic Pain, Acquired Brain Injury, Cardiorespiratory Therapy, Injury Prevention Educator.

Ina Smith

Manual & Manipulative Physiotherapist, McKenzie approach for backs, Biomechanics, Sports Physiologist/Physiologist/Nutrition, trained in the UK, Germany, and Canada, 20+ years experience.

Elizabeth Kerr

Liz is a Registered Massage Therapist with 8 years of experience and a Registered Acupuncturist as well as being is an avid yogi, traveler, and nature enthusiast. Liz loves to work with those who are looking to better their quality of life. She is excited to provide education and use acupuncture and massage therapies to help others continue to be happy, healthy and active.

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Liz’s practice includes the use of relaxation massage, trigger point therapy, sport massage, and myofascial release as well as manual Chinese medicine techniques such as cupping, gua sha (skin scraping), Tui Na (Chinese massage) and traditional acupuncture needling. Liz treats a wide range of conditions including, pain and stress management, injury prevention and rehabilitation, pre and post natal care, digestive issues, allergy relief and immune support just to name a few.

Courtenay Neville-Rutherford

Courtenay Neville-Rutherford is a Registered Massage Therapist and is looking forward to serving her community in their healthcare needs and providing the best care possible. When not at work she enjoys meditation, hiking, hammer throw, volleyball and travelling.

Jennifer Pendray

Jen is the Head Therapist for our Canadian Olympic Dive Team. She has 25 years of experience in her field and works with all types of acute and chronic conditions through multiple courses throughout her storied career. She also works with the Athletics Canada team. She has a deep understanding of how the body works, and is always interested in helping you be at your best.

Tyler Lawson

Tyler is a UBC graduate with a Master’s of Physical Therapy. Tyler has completed his level 1 Diploma of Advanced Orthopaedic Manual and Manipulative Therapy. He uses K-taping, soft tissue release, and Mulligan style joint mobilization to allow you to perform your best in sports or recover from injuries and surgery. He is pursuing post graduate certification in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy, Acupuncture, and Sports Physiotherapy. When not in the office, he enjoys hiking, cycling, kayaking, surfing, and rock climbing.

Liza van Rensburg

BScPT, CAFCI. Registered Physiotherapist, Pelvic Floor Therapist. Liza graduated at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa in 1998. She has 18 years experience in Orthopedics, Manual Therapy, Sports Physiotherapy, Pediatrics, Acupuncture, Vestibular rehab and Women’s health, more specifically Urinary Incontinence and Pelvic girdle pain management. She is a mother of 4 kids and when she is not at the clinic she enjoys running, biking, hiking and kayaking.

Jack Thornburgh

Jack is a family counsellor, with twenty-seven years of experience working with individuals, youth, couples, and families.  He holds a Master’s degree in Counselling, with undergraduate work in the social sciences.

Grief and loss support, conflict resolution/anger management, and parent/teen mediation are other areas of expertise. Much of his work makes use of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

In addition to serving in local government in Port Alberni and North Saanich, Jack has many years of involvement in community advocacy and citizens’ groups.

Jack is married, resides in North Saanich, and enjoys cycling, track, music, and hiking.

Our Brentwood Location

Suzie Cutt

Suzie Cutt is a Registered Massage Therapist of 25 years, and clinic co-owner. Her many years of experience and ongoing studies allow her to pinpoint the best approach for each client’s needs.

Her latest area of expertise is in Cranial Sacral Therapy which helps calm the nervous system to restore deep health, especially for those suffering from chronic pain, fibromyalgia and PTSD.

Outside of work, you can find her hiking with her two whippets in the parks on the Peninsula.

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